What is LXI?

LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation (LXI) is a standard developed by the LXI Consortium, an industry consortium that maintains the LXI specification and promotes the LXI Standard. The LXI standard defines the communication protocols for modern instrumentation and data acquisition systems using Ethernet.

Visit lxistandard.org for more details.


lxi-tools on YouTube

lxi-tools is a collection of open source software tools that enables control of LXI compatible instruments such as modern oscilloscopes, power supplies, spectrum analyzers etc.

All tools included rely on liblxi for LXI communication.

For more details please see the GitHub page.

View on Github lxi-tools-1.21.tar.xz


liblxi is an open source software library which offers a simple API for communicating with LXI compatible instruments. The API allows applications to easily discover instruments on networks and communicate SCPI commands.

View on Github liblxi-1.13.tar.xz

Available in distributions: Fedora/RHEL/CentOS, Ubuntu/Debian, Slackware

Install latest stable version using snap:

$ snap install lxi-tools

Visit snapcraft.io to see how to install snap on your distribution.

If you find this free open source software useful please consider making a donation:

Notice that lxi-tools is not affiliated with the LXI consortium - it is a fully independent open source community effort.